What is it?
Fundamentals consists of 2 x 60 minute sessions that cover the foundational movements of CrossFit and how to scale them according to your fitness level. You’ll learn perfect form on the movements that build the base for our workouts, and then start ramping up your fitness with a short CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) at the end of each class. Fundamentals are held either in a small group or one on one with a coach.The sessions are structured to allow you to get in the groove of the regular classes as soon as possible.

When are they?
These sessions are by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange a day and time that is suitable for you.

How much is it?
Fundamentals cost $160. This includes 2 x 60 minute sessions as well as 2 weeks FREE membership following the completion of both fundamentals session so you can come and experience what CrossFit is all about.

Still unsure? Contact us to arrange a time to come and spectate, onlookers are most welcome. You are guaranteed to find the environment friendly and encouraging.

Prior to Training
Please familiarise yourself with our Rules and Guidelines as well as the Training Agreement Form.