Unless you are doing some serious training elsewhere, make the commitment to train consistently. Training a consistent number of days per week is more important than how many day per week you train. Spend the first 3 to 6 months seeing how your body recovers. Turning up is often the hardest part, remember there will always be scaling options to suit your abilities and remember how good you feel afterwards.

Everyone is encouraged to get to training early to get your head around the workout. If you know you are running late then please let a coach know. Amongst other things, lateness distracts from the brief and you may be inclined to rush through a warm up which is not wise. *PENALTIES APPLY

Yep. Cool. That’s really awesome that you have an amazing goal like that! Listen to your coaches, work hard, prioritise technique and trust in the process.

Even if you are the best it doesn’t mean you are better than everyone else. What this means is that coaches will not prioritise you over other athletes at the box.

  1. CHEATING. If you need to take a progression option for a workout then do it. Simply doing less reps or incorrect standards because you are tired, uncomfortable or you want to beat the person next to you is absolutely not on and everyone knows you are doing it….especially the coaches. Nobody cares if you finish last. Everybody cares if you cheat.
  2. LACK OF RESPECT. This goes for equipment, coaches and fellow athletes. Leaving equipment out or is disarray, packing up while other are still working, chatting during the brief or bitching about fellow athletes are all disrespectful and will be discouraged.
  3. EXCUSES. For turning up, working hard, doing what is expected. I guarantee you your coaches have heard them all and are sick of it! There will be times when everyone makes some sort of excuse as to why they didn’t or couldn’t in an effort to justify their actions. When this becomes a constant in your training session then it becomes a problem.
  4. COACHING. Coaching other members on movements (especially Olympic lifting or gymnastics) can be dangerous and is not appreciated. If you have completed any relevant certifications or would like to explore coaching as a career option then please speak to management about this privately. Encouragement is always welcome but please make sure you are not trying to ‘teach’ or make any corrections to other members movements.

Yes. if fact you will probably die. Just kidding. Lets be honest, sometimes when people play sport they get injured or accidently hurt and CrossFit is no different. 13 years in the industry has shown me that humans disregard correct movement patterns every day and as a result they have compromised the structural integrity of  their body. Combine this with pre existing insufficiencies in flexibility, metabolic efficiency and genetics and there will inevitably be consequences.

What we can guarantee is that we will take the best care of you. Teach you to move in the correct patterns for you as an individual and work through your limitations.