Friday 22nd September

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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. 4 position burpee

Position 1 = Top of the push up

Position 2 = Push up

Position 3 = Bottom of the squat

Position 4 = Jump and clap overhead

B. 8 PVC dislocates

5 Plate circles each arm front to back

3 PVC overhead squats

8 PVC dislocates narrower

5 Plate circles each arm back to front

3 PVC overhead squats

8 PVC dislocates narrower

5 Bent over flys

3 PVC overhead squats


A: Gymnastics Circuit – 3 (AMRAP – Reps)

Spend 2 minute on each station and 30 seconds between stations

1. Wall walk

wait in the top position for 3 seconds each time

– decrease range

2. Pull up negatives

5 second minimum or move to a different option

– decrease time spent lowering

– band

– ring row negatives

3. Hollow body hold

less than 10 seconds at a time means move to a different option

coaches will shake you by your feet to see if position breaks if it does move to different option

– accumulate time in hollow hold

– move hands & feet further away from floor

– tuck limbs

– tuck

4. Hips to rings or hips to bar

If you cannot do a set of 10 perfect beat swings then do not do hips to rings or bar

– smaller sets

– hollow body/ superman (beat swing) – rings or bar


B: Metcon (Time)

50, 25, 50

Overhead squat (35kg/25kg)


Every time you put the bar down = 100m sprint

OHS >> reduce load

BU >> kick/step out

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