Wednesday 14th August

Temper Strength and Conditioning – Conditioning


Warm-up (No Measure)

A. Game 3 mins – Everyone is it

*If you are tagged you must complete 3 burpees immediately. You cannot be tagged again whilst completing burpees

*If you are deemed to be ‘avoiding’ by the coach, you will have a 20 burpee penalty

B. 30sec Active hang (rings / bar)

10 Tap-tap Shrug

30sec Scap pull ups (rings / bar)

10 Tap-tap Muscle clean

30sec Beat swings (forwards + backwards = 1 rep. Rings / bar)

10 Tap-tap Power clean

30sec Hips to rings (bar)

10 Power clean drops


Metcon (Time)

9 rounds for time of:

1 Ring muscle up

5 Hang power cleans (60kg/40kg/40kg/30kg)

10 Burpees

15 Double unders

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